Privacy Policy

This privacy notice explains what happens to any personal data that we hold and process.

The Personal details we hold

ASOC holds the following information in order to operate as a membership club, and retain and promote the use, preservation and enjoyment of Avenger and Sunbeam cars:

1. Personal and contact details including your title, name, address, email and telephone contact(s);
2. Membership information such as the date you first joined the ASOC, and date that your membership expires;
3. Vehicle details including the make, model, colour, engine size, registration mark, chassis and engine numbers of the cars you have told us about.

The source of the data we hold

In most cases, the data we hold has been advised by you on joining the Club. The information on your vehicles may be transferred from other member’s records.

What we use your personal information for

Your personal information is used in the provision of member services and operating the administration of a membership service, including:

1. Mailing your copy of “ASOC News”;
2. Inviting you to join the private forum at http://www.asoc.co.uk;
3. Inviting you to join social media groups;
4. Identifying suitable vehicles for shows, media articles and photoshoots;
5. Operating membership renewal reminders.

Sharing your personal information with other organisations

We do not sell or share your personal information for commercial reasons.

Operating membership services and membership administration requires us to share elements of your personal data with external organisations:

1. Your title, name and contact details are shared with our selected printing partners;
2. Your name and email address is available on our Proboards private forum;
3. Your name and email address is used on PayPal;
4. Your name, email address and vehicle details may be used on social media platforms.

How and where we hold your personal data

Personal data is held on a secure, password-protected membership database. Personal data shared with external organisations is subject to the security and controls of those selected partners described above.

Withdrawing consent

ASOC do not hold or process any personal data that is not necessary in the operation of your membership. If you do not consent to us holding or processing your personal information, then your membership must be cancelled.

How long personal information is retained

Personal information is retained for as long as there is a justifiable need in accordance with the Club’s mission and objectives.

Your rights

Under the new GDPR legislation you have the right to:

1. Be informed about our approach to personal data;
2. Correct or complete any inaccurate or incomplete personal data that we hold;
3. Object to the holding and processing of personal data and cancellation of membership;
4. Have your personal data erased on ceasing membership;
5. Request access to see what data we hold and how we process it;
6. Complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office.


Cookies used on our websites

Our websites use cookies to improve your experience while visiting the sites. Where applicable our website uses a cookie control system allowing you on your first visit to the website to accept or decline the use of cookies on your computer or device. This complies with recent legislation requirements for websites to obtain explicit consent from users before leaving behind or reading files such as cookies on a user's device.

Cookies are small files saved to your computer’s hard drive that track, save and store information about your interactions and use of the website. This allows the website, through its server, to provide you with a tailored experience within the site. You are advised that if you wish to deny the use and saving of cookies from this website on to your computer’s hard drive you should take necessary steps within your web browsers security settings to block all cookies from our websites and their external serving vendors.

This website uses tracking software to monitor its visitors to better understand how they use it. This software is provided by Google Analytics which uses cookies to track visitor usage. The software will save a cookie to your computer’s hard drive in order to track and monitor how you use the website, but will not store, save or collect personal information. You can read Google's privacy policy here for further information: http://www.google.com/privacy.html

Statutory information

The ASOC is the data controller and contact details are:

Data Protection Officer: Ian Oliver This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This policy was last updated May 2018.