Sunbeam Lotus enthusiast Malcolm Wood set up the ASOC in 1989. The club originally catered just for the Talbot Sunbeam Lotus for the first three months and was the first club to do so. The Hillman Avenger Tiger was included and then because of the huge interest, all Avengers and Sunbeams. The club has grown since 1989 and today we have 550 members and a very varied selection of cars in our club from everyday runabouts to fast road, concourse and race/rally cars. So if you own any of the above or are just an enthusiast this is the only club for you.

We have an excellent club magazine, website and forum which gives members an opportunity to ask questions, view members cars and maintain the profile of these classics! Benefits of membership include details of parts, panel suppliers, for sale and wanted lists for cars and spares and technical support through the full colour 40 page ASOC News magazine and the ASOC Forum. Also we have an annual National Weekend meeting and club stands at all the big Classic Shows across the country.

Do you have a car or parts For Sale or to give away but are not a member? You can advertise it on the ASOC Forum and in the ASOC News Magazine.


We cater for every model of Hillman Avenger, Chrysler Avenger, Talbot Avenger, Dodge Avenger, Hillman Arrow, Plymouth Cricket, Dodge 1800, Dodge Polara, Dodge 1500, VW 1500, Sunbeam 1250/1300/1500/1600, Simca Sunbeam, Chrysler Sunbeam, Talbot Sunbeam and Talbot Sunbeam Lotus. These cars were sold in Argentina, Brazil, Britain, Europe, Iran, New Zealand, South Africa, USA and beyond. We currently have members from the following countries outside the UK: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Columbia, Canada, Denmark, Eire, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Iran, Italy, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Tenerife and the USA